Grateful Giving All Year Through

Yale Marienhoff

Hallowell, Maine

“I often say that if I selected the staff myself I couldn't pick more caring people.”

Yale Marienhoff
Sustaining Member








Yale Marienhoff is a pioneer fueled by gratitude. As one of MaineGeneral’s first sustaining members, Yale makes an impact every month. Over the course of the year, his donations add up to leadership-level giving, making him a member of our President’s Club.

“I’d highly recommend giving monthly,” he said. “It’s easy and convenient. Once you set it up, you’re consistently supporting what matters to you and giving smaller amounts every month sometimes allows you to give the gift you’d really like to over time. I thought about what I wanted to give annually and divided that monthly.”

President’s Club membership, while an admitted neat benefit, is not Yale’s motivation. His appreciation for the care his wife Blanche received while at Glenridge during her final years is.

“It was very comforting to know she was so well cared for by such devoted staff,” he said. “I often say that if I selected the staff myself I couldn’t pick more caring people.”

To know their love story is to know why it mattered so much to him that Blanche was in good keeping after they were unable to support her care any longer at home. Yale and Blanche would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary the year she passed. Theirs was clearly an enduring devotion and his gratitude for the dignified care she got is a testament to the same — even if she was an unreformed Yankees fan to the very end! It was bickering over baseball — his adamant rooting for the Dodgers and her defiant defending of the Yankees — that initially brought them together as students at the City College of New York. They were married just two weeks before he was sent overseas to serve in the Korean War. When he returned after 15 months, they raised their two accomplished children.

Yale has lived a full life and enjoyed the many adventurous years he had with his lovely wife. When asked why he funnels gratitude through giving, he says, “It’s important to give back. I’m comfortable — a lot of other people are less fortunate. That’s why I give.”

Grateful Giving


What is a Sustaining Gift Program?
A sustaining gift is an ongoing, specific gift amount determined by a donor that is charged monthly to a donor’s credit card. Your sustaining gifts will be a dependable source of support that MaineGeneral can count on throughout the year.

How Do I Sign-up?
You agree to a contribution amount – as little as $5 each month – and it will be charged to your credit card or bank account accordingly. Sign up here.

Program Benefits
Spreading your support throughout the year is a convenient way to include your donations in your personal budget. Monthly giving is also the most cost-efficient way to deliver your support.
  • Great satisfaction. You will know you are helping MaineGeneral provide programs and services you, your family, friends and colleagues rely on each month. 
  • Convenience. When you make a recurring gift, your donation will appear each month on your credit card. We will send you a calendar year-end tax receipt each January to help in your tax preparations, and you will not receive phone or direct mail solicitations. 
  • Reduced paperwork and administrative expenses. Automatic monthly payments mean less paper, stamps and administrative processing and more of your donation going where it’s most needed. 
  • Flexibility. If for any reason you wish to increase, decrease, discontinue your gifts or change the credit card being charged, just email Philanthropy or call (207) 626-7237 and we will gladly accommodate you.

A Little Each Month Adds Up to a Lot a Year!

While you may not be able to give $250, $500 or $1,000 today, we hope you’ll consider $25, $50 or $85 this month, next month and many months thereafter as you watch your impact grow over time.

Sample Monthly Donations
$5 per month = $60 per year
$10 per month = $120 per year
$25 per month = $300 per year
$41.67 per month = $500 per year
$83.34 per month = $1,000 per year
$208.34 per month = $2,500 per year

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