With your support, we can care for more women who need us!

Why is a safe and secure women-only treatment program needed?

Substance use affects both men and women. However, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance use tends to progress more quickly from first use to addiction for women and withdrawal tends to be more intense. Women are more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety and depression from using substances, are more likely to have problems with their heart and blood vessels, and are more likely to relapse from treatment. Finally, women, especially mother's, are less likely to enroll in treatment because they are scared of social and legal consequences, such as losing custody of their child(ren).


Help us help more women in our community change their lives and reunite with their families, go back to school/work, and live healthy and sober lives.

Our plan to expand from an 8-bed facility to a 16-bed facility

Living Area

Renovations include: expanding the living area to accomodate 16 residents (up from 8), creating therapy rooms, upgrading security systems and more.


MGH will purchase commercial appliances such as a refrigerator, stackable washers and dryers, bunk beds, stove and hood, couch, dishwasher, microwave and more.

Household Items

MGH will purchase hospital-grade sheets, comforters, pillows, curtains, towels, cookware, picnic table and more.

Children's Games and Toys

Residents would like fun games and toys for when their children come and visit such as board games, cards and outdoor toys.


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Women's Residential Facility

Our residential treatment program serves women struggling with addiction to alcohol, opioids and other drugs. In addition to addiction to substances, many of our residents suffer from mental illness, are at high risk for medical problems, and have experienced trauma and hardships that have kept them from their children and loved ones for long periods of time.

For more information about the services offered at our treatment facility, visit our website.

Substance Use in Maine

Substance use disorder (SUD) occurs when a person needs alcohol or a drug to function normally and stopping use leads to withdrawal symptoms.

Substance use continues to be on the rise in Maine. In 2017, age-adjusted drug overdose death rates were 50% higher than those in the U.S. (34.4 vs. 21.7 per 100,000).

Emergency department visits for opioid overdoses increased by 34%.

Maine also continues to have one of the highest rates of drug-affected babies in the U.S. with nearly one in every 12 infants born in the state each year.

Unfortunately, access to treatment for SUD in Maine continues to be inadequate. An estimated 25,000 - 30,000 individuals seek treatment annually but cannot access care because of limited resources and infrastructure.



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