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For the second year in a row, the MaineGeneral Health family exceeded expectations with record-setting contributions to our annual Employee Combined Campaign (ECC). Each fall we ask employees to support MGH  and United Way programs and services and this year they humbled us with their response. When all was said and done, 1,430 employees gifted $296,589 toward these efforts — 8.4 percent more than last year which held a brief title as the most generous result on record in a non-capital-campaign year. Since staff surpassed our $230,000 goal last year, we raised the goal to $260,000. As you can see, they reached it with ease and the kindness just kept on coming. We know the needs in our communities are very real. From warmth during long winter months to food on tables where otherwise there wouldn’t be any, our employees  extend their compassion beyond our walls and into the hearts and homes of the Kennebec Valley. MGH — we tip our hats to you!

Giving Breakdown:

  • $188,412 = MGH programs & services (13% increase over last year):
    • $46,540 = Employee Education (27% increase)
    • $9,729 = Prevention & Healthy Living (40% increase)
    • $20,406 to Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services (new fund in 2016)
    • $57,871 = HEART* Fund (4% increase)
    • $31,377 = MaineGeneral Hospice (14% increase)
    • $22,490 = Other
  • $55,290 = UW of Mid-Maine
  • $52,887 = UW of Kennebec Valley

Fast Facts
Of our 1,430 employee donors:

  • 243 were first-time donors
  • 717 gave a gift of $5 to $78; when combined they added up to $27,883!
  • 404 gave more than $250

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