Augusta Fuel Commits to the Kennebec Valley

Marc & Paula Lacasse

Manchester, Maine

We've committed to $100,000 over five years. We are pleased to be making such a significant leadership gift to this important project.

Marc Lacasse, President Augusta Fuel Company

Pictured here: Marc and Paula Lacasse
with their three sons, Zach, Nick and Connor.

Augusta Fuel Company (AFC) has a rich history. Originally incarnated as Augusta Ice Company in 1888 it has evolved over decades in order to stay relevant and serve its patrons well. Transitioning into coal near the end of the century, AFC eventually moved into liquid fuels and LP gas to become the reliable local provider it is today.

A willingness to see where the market is going, what the need will be and how to accommodate it is what drives AFC’s success. It’s that same willingness to embrace the impact of change that lead AFC President Marc Lacasse to commit to the largest philanthropic gift in the company’s history to benefit MaineGeneral’s Alfond Center for Health capital campaign.

“We’ve committed to $100,000 over five years,” Lacasse said. “We are pleased to be making such a significant leadership gift to this important project.”

Lacasse sees the advantageous implications of the new facility—from it’s ability to attract new, young physicians as a wave of retirements draws near to the immediate economic impact it will have by putting contractors and construction crews to work and from purchasing as many materials as possible from local vendors to the state-of-the-art care it ensures for generations to come.

“This isn’t just about now. It’s about generations and staying relevant to meet the health care demands of our area,” Lacasse said. “Augusta Fuel has thrived because it was willing to change, embrace possibility and provide a resource for evolving community needs. This new hospital will do the same for patients—for my employees, our customers…for my family. As both a business and a family man, that’s a worthwhile investment.”

In communities as vibrant and engaged as those in central Maine there is never a shortage of valuable initiatives that need the help of those they benefit in order to succeed. Over the years Marc has made commitments on behalf of AFC to aid in making many key community resources a reality—Team Cony, the Kennebec Valley YMCA and the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care among others.

This most recent gift is a continuation of their generosity and an extension of their caring for the communities that have relied upon them for years—first for ice, then for heat and now for health.

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