Judy and Hubert: A Patient Perspective

Judy and Hubert

Embden, Maine




In life, you should always have something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.

Judy’s passion was hotel hospitality. She dedicated her career to housekeeping and was so good at it that she was sent for special training to be head of the department. Judy loved her family, husband Hubert and their four children, and Judy was looking forward to her son Brian’s wedding in August.

It wasn’t news that she was ill – she’d been battling cancer for months – but up until now she hadn’t had time to deal with death. She was too busy living and she needed to do it until August to be a part of her son’s wedding.

Judy was a wisp of a woman with a raspy voice. She was brutally honest with an endearingly sarcastic sense of humor. She took great pride in keeping her home spotless; she took great pride, period. It wasn’t easy when November came and brought with it the need for hospice services to support her staying at home with Hubert and her family supporting her.

Months passed with Hospice caregivers — Brenda, Heather, Bill and others — becoming welcome guests on their increasingly frequent visits. In the spring Bill, the Hospice chaplain, got a call from Brian who saw his mother’s health declining. He asked if Bill might be able to help pull off a surprise – moving the August wedding up to May – to ensure Judy would be there in body as well as in spirit. So it was that Judy walked out onto her front porch May 9, a sunny Wednesday, to see Bill standing at the bottom of the stairs wearing a tie – her children in dressy clothes – and Brian and Miranda said “I do” in a simple ceremony no one will ever forget.

Not long after, there came a day when Judy knew: “I’m going to bite the dust soon,” she told Bill with a sigh of peaceful acceptance, and in days, she did.
Hospice made it possible for Judy to stay home, where she could keep her tidy house tidy; it allowed her to be with the family she loved, a little longer; it helped her make it to that wedding, and allowed her to let go before August which she needed to do.

Your support enables Hospice to help patients like Judy to “do,” “love” and “look forward” until it’s time to say goodbye. Whether Hospice has been part of your life, or you appreciate the support it gives others, please consider a gift to MaineGeneral Hospice today.

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