Continuation of Caring

Millicent MacFarland with fiancé Patrick O'Donnell

Augusta, Maine

“Millie always seemed to know what to say. A kind word and warm smile were her trademarks.”
Patrick O’Donnell







Millicent “Millie” MacFarland was born and raised in Maine, living in Augusta most of her adult life. She received her bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Maine at Augusta and spent most of her career in state government.

Millie was as dedicated to kindness as she was to public service. Her most endearing qualities, her genuine happiness and positivity, were irrefutable, even in times of struggle. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, her eternal optimism never wavered, her courage and strength remaining during every setback. Likewise, her inherent habit of putting others first remained strong.

A consummate professional, Millie worked as clerk of the Maine House of Representatives — a position for which she was re-elected by members of six Legislatures — for a total of 12 years. In that capacity she was disciplined, hard-working and dedicated to making the House of Representatives as good as it could be.

In her service she brought humanitarian balance, being incredibly thoughtful and caring toward her legislative colleagues, their spouses and staff as they navigated life’s triumphs and trials, including the occasional unwelcome news of a cancer diagnosis.

Millie was gracious in meeting people for the first time, welcoming them wherever they were; she made friends with people who worked in state legislatures all over the country. “She learned from them but, more importantly, they learned from her,” Patrick said.

During her tenure as clerk, she served as president of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries and was on the National Conference of State Legislature’s Executive Committee. She served with distinction until her passing in September of 2014.


Christine Wormell, Jeanette Rowell and Jennifer McGowan with donation from April fundraiser.


When she died, friends and colleagues wanted to ensure there was a lasting tribute to reflect the way Millie lived — with kindness and compassion. Colleague Jeanette Rowland, along with others from their office, members of the Maine House and, of course, Patrick, established the Millie MacFarland Endowment. The endowment fund will allow Millie’s legacy of caretaking to continue by supporting education efforts and providing financial resources to improve the quality of life during and after cancer treatment.

While Patrick misses Millie, who lit up his life the way she lit up so many others, he takes comfort in knowing she would be pleased that this fund is helping people who need support and encouragement.

“She was a friend, a confidante, a supporter, a good listener and an optimist in all things,” he said. “This endowment reflects who Millie was in life and ensures her impact doesn’t stop in her absence.”

Support the Millicent MacFarland Endowment.

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