Peter Alfond:
Visionary, Friend and Philanthropist

Peter Alfond with daughter Deborah

Belgrade, Maine

He is dearly missed and remembered daily. His confidence of vision and persistence in mission encouraged MaineGeneral to build a model where prevention meets medicine. The Prevention and Healthy Living program he established helps change people’s understanding of what a hospital is. It’s not just a place for the critically ill – it’s a community resource; a place of prevention, healing and hope.







Peter was a visionary. Deeply committed to prevention and wellness, he shared his passion with the communities his parents loved in the Greater Kennebec Valley. He always remembered his Maine roots, as he continually applied learnings from afar and from different settings to his work here.

He did so through nearly a decade of MaineGeneral board service and through investments in progressive initiatives aimed at expanding collaborations and enhancing community access to healthy living resources. His belief in the power of prevention led to the rapid expansion of wellness opportunities for those we serve.
Peter’s vision was big. He realized that “healthy” is not only a state of being but also a culture.

A culture of health supports affordable access to wellness programs and resources where people remove barriers to access like cost, travel and other inconveniences. A culture of health empowers and creates a new norm where self-care is a catalyst of thriving community.

Peter was a friend and philanthropist. It was Peter’s personal prevention journey that led him to share so enthusiastically with the people and places he loved. Decades ago he began exploring yoga, meditation, mindfulness and green drinks; he focused on all the pieces of his health puzzle – physical, mental and spiritual. Throughout his exploration he grew content in knowing that prioritizing his own wellness would enable him to be more present as a father, a brother, a businessman and a friend. Peter brought every learning back to MaineGeneral, to his friends, in the quest to better our lives, to better our health.

A pioneering philanthropist, Peter embodied Maine’s bold promise: dirigo. His philanthropic gifts to MaineGeneral were many.

His vision was clear: to provide patients with the best food possible to aid in their recovery. That vision resulted in cafeterias focused on healthy, fresh food for patients, their loved ones and MaineGeneral staff, first at the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care and then at the Alfond Center for Health and the Thayer Center for Health. We now know that food helps prevent illness and it can help in the healing process. It is new for health care systems to make this a priority for patients and families in their care. Thanks to Peter, we have been ahead of the curve for years.

Peter’s greatest legacy at MaineGeneral is the expansion of prevention efforts for the community, including a teaching kitchen that enables hands-on community education. He donated $4 million over five years to create the Prevention & Healthy Living (PHL) program.

These funds established an infrastructure to meet people where they’re at – literally and figuratively. PHL partners with organizations to bring care out into our communities, making these resources all the more accessible to those they might not otherwise reach. Since inception in 2014, more than 400 classes focused on healthy cooking and eating, physical movement and healthy mind/body connections have been held in many area communities with 6,000 people participating. Additionally, 2,600 people have attended free monthly events.

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