Annual Campaign Donors

List recognizes annual gifts made between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

Crucial to our ability to meet the ongoing health care needs of those in our region, gifts of annual support ensure our ability to maintain essential day-to-day programs and services that keep our communities healthy.


Founder's Circle ($25,000.00 + )
Peter Alfond Foundation
Town of Jackman
United Way of Kennebec Valley
Benefactor's Circle ($10,000.00 + )
Norman and Teresa Elvin
Kennebec Savings Bank
Mr. Frederick J. Kimball
MaineGeneral Medical Center Auxiliary
MaineGeneral Medical Staff
New Balance Foundation
Town of Moose River
Advisor's Circle ($5,000.00 + )
Augusta Fuel Company
Nona O. Boyink and Douglas Boyink, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Gagne
Chuck and Maria Hays
United Way of Mid-Maine
Leadership Circle ($2,500.00 + )
Anonymous Donor
Cony/Gardiner Drive Out Cancer
Erskine Academy Students
Mr. and Mrs. G. Sidney Fox
Mr. Paul Garelli
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan L. Kruse
Macpage, LLC
Maine Drilling & Blasting, Inc.
Dervilla McCann, MD and Stephen Meister, MD
Performance Foodservice - NorthCenter
The Shuman Family
President's Club ($1,000.00 + )
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Albert
Anonymous Donors (4)
Mr. Paul R. Arsenault
Ms. Lana M. Ballard
Eric Barry, MD
Ellen J. Beals
Cynthia O. Bean
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Belden
Mrs. Gloria B. Bilodeau
Mrs. Mary Duke Blouin
Katherine Boucher
Ms. Deborah E. Bowden
Rebecca Brackett, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Brann
Scott and Trish Bullock
Daniel and Elizabeth Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Campbell, Jr.
John S. Carpenter, DMD
Rachael Carrier
Timothy Clifford, Jr., MD and Nancy Clifford, DMD
Dr. Barbara Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Cutchin
Mrs. Dorothy B. Davis
Mrs. Ericka Deering
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Diaz
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Dionne
Ms. Dora Dostie
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Doty
Donald A. Dubois, MD
Mrs. Linda Dutil
Dr. Stephen and Cynthia Eccher
Ms. Alice E. Emery*
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Findlay
David and Kaye Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Fuller, Jr.
Paul and Alison Gagliardi*
Mrs. Edith Gingras
Mr. Thomas Gioia
The Golden Family
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Graves
Mr. Seth Greene
Dr. and Mrs. Francis Griffin, Sr.
Jonathan and Wendy Hallenbeck
Donald and Mary Hammond
Dr. David W. and Nancy I. Hay
Bruce and Dorene Hebda
Buffy and Joe Higgins
Kristin Holm, MD and Gary Smith
Dag Holmsen, MD
Mr. Scott Howell
Jeff and Marcia Hubert
Charles and Cynthia Jacobs
Mark and Judy Johnston
Mr. Joey Joseph and Ms.Melissa Quigley
Kevin Kane
Jonathan Karnes, MD
Deborah and Joseph Karter
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk L. Kershner
Warren and Donna Kessler*
Mr. Nobal E. King
Mr. Mark E. Burns and Ms. Ellen V. Kire
James M. LaLiberty and Julie B.Schoenthaler
Rebecca Lamey
Dr. and Mrs. William Lavin
Ms. Rebecca R. Lothrop
Raina Lourens, MD
Mr. Yale Marienhoff
Barbara Mayer and Charles Acker
Dr. James and Helen McKendry
Nicole McSweeney
Ms. Sally A. Melcher-McKeagney
Mary and Dana Melville
John and Tina Milbrand
Mr. Paul H. Morin, Jr.
Mr. Scott W. Mosher
Zaki and Kim Nashed
Michael and Beth Nowak
Dick and Joanne O'Connor
Hon. Patrick O'Donnell
Rita Oellers
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Patenaude
Ms. Priscilla Payne
Bill and Kitty Perry
Sandra and Peter Prescott
Kevin Price, MD
Mr. and Mrs. William Purington
Jennifer Riggs
Mark C. Rolfe, MD
Dianne and Allen Ryan
Dr. Danielle Salhany
Tobi L. Schneider, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Small
Joel D. Smith, DO
Mr. and Mrs. Merton Sprague, Jr.
Bill and Lesley Sprague
Mark N. and Theressa M.St. John
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stein
Mrs. Marie Stone
Mrs. Karen Stram
Carol J. Swenson, MD
Laura L. Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Trafton
Emilie van Eeghen and Richard Tory
Ken and Margaret Viens
Dr. Lara M. Walsh
Dr. and Mrs. Forrest West
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wheelock
Dr. and Mrs. Steve R. Witkin
Jason Wyse, MD
Corporate Partners ($1,000.00 + )
Allagash Brewing Company, Inc
Colby Powder Puff
Delta Ambulance Service
Dennistown Plantation
Gagne & Son
Golden Pond Wealth Management
Motor Supply Company Employees
James D. Julia Inc.
James F. Mitchell Co. LLC
Maine Hospice Council, Inc.
Manchester Lions Club
Mitchell Tardy
Mosquito LLC - Hardscrabble
MS Cure Fund Inc.
Pike Industries
Plum Creek Foundation
Sprague & Curtis Real Estate

The Thomas Agency, Inc.
Town of Jefferson

Town of Wayne
Town of West Gardiner
Town of Whitefield
Patron ($750 + )

Marty and Linda Allen
Ms. Theresa M. Bonsey
Ms. Mary E. Cusick
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen LaVerdiere
Advocate ($500.00 + )
Troy and Marci Alexander
Anonymous Donors (6)
John and Sonja Babb
John and Peggy Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Bean
Mr. Thomas E. Beard
Ms. Monica Beaulieu
Mr. Donald Borkowski
Don and Lindsey Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bourne
Mrs. Annette Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bridge
Ms. Leticia Brown
Mr. and Mrs. George Brush
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Chasse
Judith M. Clukey
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Cohen
Bob and Kim Croswell
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Day*
Ms. Stacy L. Dill
Mrs. Priscilla A. Doel
Ms. Karen A. Dostie
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Dow
Ms. Heidi Dubois
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fallona
Sidney Farr
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas N. Folk
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Frost
Rev. David G. Gant
Ms. Patricia D. Gathman, PA-C
Mr. Lawrence A. Gruber, Jr.
Gabrielle Harpell, MD
Ms. Carolyn Harrington
Mr. Phil Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M.Hastings, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ruel P. Holden
Ms. Deborah Hutchins
Dr. and Mrs. Kieran G.Kammerer
Leslie A. Keith
Ms. Pierrette Kelly
Kennebec Anesthesia Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Braden Kingsbury
David E. Landry, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lumbert,Jr.
Mr. Andrew B. Maclean, Esq.
Ms. Viola Marshall
Mrs. Susan McLeod
Ms. Natalie A. Morse
Ms. Anne M. Murray
Jan and Jim Murton
Mr. Vishnu Nancoo
Dr. Alane O'Connor and Mr. Kevin Wellenius
Carey Paradis
Philip Peverada, MD
Timothy Pieh, MD and Amy K.Madden, MD
Nancy Ponzetti-Dyer and Ron Dyer
Gordon and Pat Pow
Anita D. Praba-Egge, MD, PhD
Sarah E. Prescott, DO and Andrew H. Beauregard
David and Janet Preston
Ms. Barbara L. Quinby
Stephanie Ralph
Edward and Eileen Ringel
Lisa Sauer, MD and William J.Kragness, MD
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Seluke
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sirois
Lisa Stein-Pierce
Dr. Derrick and Wendy Tooth
Town of Windsor
Ms. Elizabeth M. Towner
United Way of the Tri-Valley Area
Ms. Elizabeth R. Voigt-McCue
Ms. Eleanor Webb
Ms. Lynn E. Weiser
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wong
John T. Gorman Foundation
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Helen and George Ladd Charitable Corporation
March of Dimes
State of Maine
Elmina Sewall Foundation
Kennebec Circle
The Will Atkins Trust
The George & Frances Averill PFDN
The Barker MemorialFund
The Josephine Bell Trask Trust
The Marjorie & Rufus Bond Benevolent Fund
The Laura E. Carelton Trust
Henry Clearwater Trust
The Florence Drew Trust
The Gordon Drew Trust
Stanley Field Marr CRT
Estate of Phil and Phyllis Follensbee
Estate of Margaret Godfrey
The Cora M. Harris Trust
The Nettie F. Haskell Trust
Percy W. Howard and Bernice M. Howard Charitable Trust
Estate of J. Vincent Kirschner
The Edward K. Leighton Trust
Estate of Phyllis Longfellow
The Percy Marston CRT
Fred L. & Leona Murray Trust
J. Miles Owens & E. Owens Trust
The Johnson W. Parks Family
Estate of Beatrice Pullyard
Herbert & Geneva Twombly CFND
Gerald E. Vermette Family Trust
Elsie & William Viles Foundation
Madge H. Walker Trust
Event Sponsors
($10,000 + )
Kennebec Savings Bank
($5,000 + )
G & E Roofing Co., Inc.
Compass Health Analytics
($2,500 + )
Augusta Fuel Company
Charlie's Motor Mall, Inc.
J.S. McCarthy Company, Inc.
Performance Foodservice - NorthCenter
Pine State Trading Company
Sam's Club
C. Caprara Food Service Equipment
($1,000 + )
J F Scott Construction Company
Macpage, LLC
Maine Drilling & Blasting, Inc.
O'Connor Auto Park
Siemens Building Technologies
SMRT, Inc.
Baker, Newman & Noyes
Bangor Savings Bank
Dave's Appliance
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Diaz
GHM Insurance Agency
Golden Pond Wealth Management
Lincoln Financial Group
Skowhegan Savings
($500 + )
Staples Funeral Service

 = Partnership Program Supporter: These organizations generously partner with MaineGeneral through a combination of annual support and event sponsorship. This approach provides consistent income while maximizing donor recognition throughout the year.

*These donors are members of the Kennebec Circle, which recognizes the loyal and committed benefactors, friends, retirees and associates of MaineGeneral who have made an important commitment to its future through gift planning, in the form of a bequest, trust, annuity or estate plan.

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