Gifts of Stock

For donors holding securities in their own name view printable instructions:

If a broker is conducting the transaction, be sure he/she indicates the name of the donor(s) on the transfer so we may properly credit the gift. The date stock is credited to the MaineGeneral Health account determines the date and the value of the gift. Donors and their brokers should take care to inform MaineGeneral Health that a stock transfer is imminent, to assure the stock transaction is completed in a timely manner. This is especially important for any gift where timing is important for tax-related or other reasons.

For broker transfers:

DTC#: 0075
Account #63494701
Kennebec Wealth Management
FBO: MaineGeneral Health
Contact: Sam Tippet: (207) 660-4100

Gifts of publicly traded securities (including bonds) and some restricted stocks are valued at the stock’s average of the high and low price on the day the stock is credited to the MaineGeneral Health account. In determining gift credit, MaineGeneral Health reserves the right to consider any special factors affecting the marketability of the stock.

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