Craig and Stephanie Garofalo: Dollars & Sense

Manchester, Maine

I imagine the future.  The New Regional Hospital represents the future of health care for Lydia.  Our biggest investments are always made for the next generation.

Craig Garofalo

Craig, Stephanie and daughter, Lydia, at their Manchester home.

Why should we invest in the hospital? It’s about the future and attracting the right people to come back and live here.

As a banker, Craig understands investments and knows the New Regional Hospital is an investment we must make. Not only will the regional hospital enhance health care, it will benefit the local economy by bringing professionals to the area and new businesses to meet growing demand. It will also put central Maine on the map for having everything you need to settle and raise a family— including world-class health care.

The new hospital will attract professionals and their families that will energize the local economy and our community.

Central Maine needs young, talented professionals who want to call the Kennebec Valley home. Having grown up in Hallowell and returning after college, Craig has watched many of his friends leave for better professional opportunities elsewhere. The New Regional Hospital will create good new jobs, not just in health care but throughout our economy. An investment in the new hospital is an investment in good health and good business.

Why not here. Why not now.

Craig’s enthusiasm for this community is shared by his wife, Stephanie, who is already thinking of Lydia’s future and where their grandkids will go to receive the great care they deserve. Craig and Stephanie want to do their part to secure the best of everything for their daughter’s future—and there’s no reason to wait. When she is grown, they will be proud to tell Lydia they were a part of making it happen.

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