Gary & Martha Hammond: Hammond Tractor

Planting Deep Seeds of Community Support

Fairfield, Maine

Even though the economy may be a little slow at this point, this project will affect our communities' health for generations to come.  We all need to join together and support his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Gary and Martha Hammond

Gary and Martha Hammond appreciate the support their business and family have received from the good people of Central Maine; they realize that community plays a huge part in the success of Hammond Tractor Company.  Following their lead, the team at Hammond Tractor takes great pride in having an active role in their local communities and by giving back when the opportunity arises.  Far more than just Maine’s largest farm and garden tractor dealer, Hammond tractor is an important civic leader, having made financial contributions to almost 50 different community organizations in the past six months. They clearly see the urgent and evolving needs in the Kennebec Valley, which is why they supported the Alfond Center for Health and Thayer Center for Health projects.

When reflecting upon what inspired him and Martha to make an important, early campaign gift in November of 2010, Gary shared that “The Central Maine community has been very supportive of Hammond Tractor and our family for more than 29 years. We support our community as much as possible and certainly support this new hospital to serve the citizens of Central Maine for decades to come.”

Gary attended the University of Maine at Orono, where he earned his Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree as well as an MBA. Hammond Tractor Company was established in 1983 and currently operates in three locations: Fairfield, Union, and Auburn. Gary and Martha’s son David joined the business in 1999; he is now Vice President of Sales and Operations Management and is a co-owner.

As you might imagine given such a mild winter, things were a little slower than usual at Hammond Tractor these last few months. But that didn’t discourage Gary, as the seasoned businessman prefers to take the long view, and he encourages others to do the same. “Even though the economy may be a little slow at this point, this project will affect our communities’ health for generations to come. We all need to join together and support this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

One of the most innovative and frequently used sections of the Hammond Tractor web site is the “How To” tab (www. Given their steadfast and widespread commitment to helping so many people here in Central Maine, you’ll find a photo of Gary and Martha on our campaign web site, as they are the perfect example of how to give back to the community where you live, work and love.

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