Over the past year, we have been raising money to expand and renovate our women’s residential treatment facility. To date, $95,493 has been raised and renovations are now complete.

We are very grateful for the renovations and overall transformation of the Women’s Residential Treatment facility. This could not have been accomplished without the thoughtfulness of generous donors like you. Donations came in many forms, from beautiful oak bunkbeds and a piano to desks and monetary contributions. The much-improved aesthetics and additional space make the facility warm and inviting. The expansion allowed us to increase our capacity, helping more women in our community. The updated technology has opened doors to a vast library of current clinical resources, such as Zoom 12-step meetings, Ted Talks and other internet-treatment related streaming opportunities. The facility now has a security system which provides residents and staff a sense of comfort. Residents’ children and family members can rest easy knowing their loved one’s are in a safe and caring environment. MaineGeneral can be proud to be a leading provider in supporting women in our community who are beginning their journey toward long-term co-occurring recovery from mental health and substance use disorders.

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