MaineGeneral Health Day of Hope image of two smiling women holding purple pompoms, cheering for cancer fighters and survivors.

Fundraising Incentives

Thank you for fundraising for the Day of Hope!

Any individual participant who fundraises $75 or more is eligible for these thank-you gifts:*

2023 Day of Hope Incentives: dark purple Yeti Rambler cup with straw, L.L. Bean embroidered beach towel, signature Day of Hope T-shirt for 2023 with the Day of Hope logo on the front and "Hope is all around us" on the back, a purple zip customized jacket, and a large Seabag with purple stripes and solid block, overlayed with a large purple anchor

If you raise: You will receive:
$75-$499 2023 signature Day of Hope long-sleeved T-shirt**
$500-$999 Day of Hope T-shirt** & Yeti Limited Edition 26-oz. Rambler cup with straw
$1,000-$1,499 Day of Hope T-shirt** & Day of Hope signature L.L. Bean beach towel
$1,500-$2,499 Day of Hope T-shirt**, Yeti Rambler & L.L. Bean towel
$2,500+ Day of Hope T-shirt**, personalized Day of Hope jacket, Yeti Rambler & L.L. Bean towel
Top Individual Fundraiser Custom Day of Hope Seabag stuffed with all 2023 incentives! 

*Please note: Thank-you gifts (incentives) are available to qualifying individual fundraising participants only. Team fundraising efforts are always appreciated, but incentives are not given for team fundraising.

Images shown may be renderings. Incentives are not cumulative until the $1,500 fundraising level and above.

**while supplies last

Fundraising Tips

  • Set a goal! Shoot for a particular dollar amount, one of the incentives, to be the top fundraiser — whatever motivates you!
  • Create a personal fundraising webpage by visiting Post pictures, share on social media, send emails and invite your friends and family to support your effort! Tracking your donations online allows you to watch as your efforts get us closer to our goal of raising $150,000 to support local cancer care.
  • Start with a donation to yourself! This is a strong demonstration to anyone you ask that this cause is important to you.
  • Make a list of friends, family or business associates and plan on how you will tackle your list. For example, plan to call three to five people per day, or send a note to each one and follow up in a week.
  • Be sure to actually ask! Many people tell their friends and family they’re participating in a fundraising walk and expect them to offer to donate. Though people often may not offer, they generally will donate if you ask — especially if you share your "why" (your story of why you are fundraising).
  • Remember: You are not asking for money for yourself; you are asking for support for thousands of patients right here in our community! Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of our cancer patients and the community that surrounds them.


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